Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring Cleaning: how to break up with your clothes.

Today the role of Rachel is being played by an obsessive compulsive cleaner. No, stop laughing, it's true. I'm as shocked as you are and it's my third day of cleaning in a row.

Friday was March 1st, officially the first of Spring and I've spent the entire weekend scrubbing and polishing things I hadn't even noticed were dirty. I didn't realise my subconcious would take the concept of Spring Cleaning so literally. But I'm not questioning it, the desire to clean will vanish soon enough, and the house deserves a little bit of TLC.

But it's not just the house. My wardrobe is also getting the treatment.

Hididng in the back of my wardrobe were Stop Staring dress and pair of shorts that I bought because they were on sale. They're adorable, but they're really not the right shape for my figure. I've been hanging onto them with the idea that one day they might make that miraculous leap and become my new favourite clothes. It does happen occassionally, but not often enough to keep clothes that are worth money to someone else. My Stop Staring items still have their tags on them and it's a desirable brand. I've faced the facts and realised that hanging onto them is not fair to me, the dress, or the girl who's going to look fabulous at a party and will be able to say casually 'Oh this, I got it on ebay' while her friends complement her and eye her up jealously.

And I'll get money I can spend on something that I really love.

They're the first items to go on ebay, but not the last. There's also quite a few vintage pieces that are very cute, but I neither fit into them or have the desire to wear them. While vintage fashion is still in vogue I figure I should sell them now, getting the highest price, and hopefully they'll go to someone who'll use them and love them the way they deserve. 

Then there's the big bag of clothes that I never wear but that's not worth selling, ready to go to a charity shop.

I find it hard to get rid of clothes, I remember when and where I aquired each piece. Do you remember that guy you struggled to break up with, when you were determined to 'make it work'? But when you did eventually end it and ran into him months later, you couldn't remember why you'd persisted for so long.

That's how you have to be with your clothes.

I believe in true love. I try not to buy anything unless I'm swept off my feet. I prefer to buy less, but buy things when I feel that magical spark. I believe even if the items you do buy are more expensive, you save money in the long run by buying less and mistake-proofing your wardrobe. You need to treat the clothes you already own the same way.

The horrible truth is that your ex-boyfriend was much happier without you too. He went on to find love with someone else. So will your clothes. Don't feel guilty about that suede jacket that just never fitted you right, get rid of it, hopefully make some money selling it, and send it out into the world for it to find that girl who has been searching for a jacket like that her whole life. It deserves love too.

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