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I've worked in the costume industry for over 10 years: in film, theatre, dance, fancy dress and events (including making the London 2012 Olympics mascot costume) as a designer, maker, wardrobe supervisor, standby and dresser. I've also dabbled in bridal and dressmaking. I just love beautifully designed and constructed clothing. Good quality fabric, beautiful textures and vibrant colours are my passions.

This is not a fashion blog. People think because I love clothing I'm remotely interested in what is 'in fashion' this month. I'm not. To me beautiful clothing is always beautiful whether it was made yesterday or 200 years ago. It's not what a magazine tells me I should like.

I believe Costume, Couture and Vintage/Period clothing are very different things, but they do overlap and I'm interested in them all. Costume is about using clothing to interpret a character and not just to make a pretty dress. It is very rarely historically accurate and really great costuming should not detract from the story and character.

And yet who can divorce filmstars like Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe from their on and off screen clothing. There's nothing better than watching a 1940s contemporary film and admiring what they wore.

In recent years I've taken up Lindy hop and American tap dancing, as the only exercise which I can wear nice clothes, listen to amazing music, socialise and drink alcohol without noticing I'm burning calories. Swing has definitely influenced my wardrobe towards the 1920s - 40s.

I also have a teeny tiny obsession with the colour red. I can't remember the last time I had a handbag that wasn't red. Red coats, hats, shoes, earrings, belts: a girl can never own too many, right?

Oh and as for the facts: I'm 32 years old, was born in Australia, have been married to a wonderful Kiwi man for over 7 years, and we now London with our fur-baby black cat Bellamy.

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