Saturday, 16 February 2013

Vintage Novelty Sweater Day

Joan Crawford

Ok, it's not actually Vintage Novelty Sweater Day, but I think from this day forth Feb 16th should be. Inspired by this picture of Joan Crawford, and a long time lover of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, whose infamous tromp l'eoil bow print sweater in 1927 changed the face of sweaters forever, I've decided to show you a collection of my favourites.

1930s Schiaparelli Tie Sweater from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Novelty sweaters come in two types:

Design knitted into the pattern

1940s Dutch Theme Cardigan

1920s tromp l'oeil collar design

1947 phone print jumper. They suggested you could add your number to the design - not creepy at all!

1950s penguins

1947 college sweatergirl designs

But why would you want his name on a jumper with a bunch of other random boys names?

Design Appliqued on:

1950s Saks Fifth Avenue Cardigan

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